Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Started

Today is the day........
I'm joining the ranks of techies staying in contact with the world via a blog.
I plan on checking in and telling you about my favorite houses I tour during the week, giving you news about real estate etc. I will probably throw in a few things about the other things dear to my heart cooking, gardening, really anything having to do with home!
Here's a little tip on using mirrors.....
Mirrors can solve many design dilemmas. Brighten a dark room by positioning a mirror to reflect light from a window or a lamp. Mirrors also make small rooms appear larger, and windowless rooms appear airier. You can also place a mirror so that if you’re seated with your back to the view, it can still be enjoyed via the reflection. One of my favorite things for a coffee table is to lay a mirror down and add lots of candles on top the reflection of them lit is magical.


  1. Woo HOO...you have joined all the other crazies out here....and your world will never be the same. Love the tips on using mirrors.


  2. Dear Sue:

    Mom and I think your new blog is awesome.

    Love Ya,

    Mom & Dad