Thursday, August 20, 2009

This weeks pick and area stats

I have 2 favorites this week.: One is in my usual area and one is in the land park area, although neither are brand new listings. The first is in East Sac and completely re-done and adorable. The style from the street is mediteranean and keeps that tone flowing through the entire house. The kitchen is a large galley style, and although I too love a big kitchen I still think a galley kitchen functions so well. It has been updated with all the bells and whistles.....granite stainless and one of my favorites, a farmhouse style apron sink and even better it's copper- ooh lah lah. The basic stats are 3bed ,3bath (with a bed and bath downstairs) 2158 sq ft. and .12 acre lot. on a great street and a cute front courtyard. List price as of today is $799,000.00 The second is in the land park area on one of my favorite streets accross from the park. From the street it has all the charm of a Carmel cottage, but on a street that just exudes days gone by. I can picture sitting on the porch with a glass of lemonade, the dog and the kids playing in the front yard and not a care in the world.....oh if only! This house too has been updated, although not entirely. The kitchen was very well done and has a cool little family room area attached that has a kind of mid town wine bar feel to it. This though is really my favorite part, the family room area has a french door to the front porch. Again....days gone by. All you'd have to do is replace the phantom screen with the old fashion kind! Can't you just hear it slamming shut as we speak? The basics of this one are 2010 sq ft 4 bed 2 bath .25 acre lot. List price as of today is $725,000.00 If I've captivated you with either call me and we can go take a look at them. Everyone seems to be trying to judge the pulse of their neighborhood in these times, so I've decided that once a week when I post my favorites, I'll also post the stats for the 3 zip codes I work most in. If you are in another zip code though call me, I just can't list them all. 95825 Active -26 Pending this week -2 Sold this week- 1 95864 Acrive-140 Pending this week-10 Sold this week-1 95608 Active-173 Pending this week-16 Sold this week- 3 Last....oh but not least here's a little food tid bit. Had dinner in Napa last weekend and had an appetizer of fig pizza.....Stay with me. Whole foods or Sellands will sell pizza dough already made but in it's raw state and they are really very good. So..... here's what I think: Spread out your dough brush a little olive oil on it grace it with a little salt and pepper and toss it in the oven for a few to start it crisping. Take it out, spread it with a little gorgonzola or cambozola cheese then back in the oven to melt. When all that yummy cheese is soft and melty add some sliced figs a little arugula and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Pour yourself a little wine or a tall glass of iced tea and dinner is on the table! All rightie then, that's my contribution for now. As always, if I can help with any real estate needs please call me 916-541-3706. Live a good life and Enjoy- Sue

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Started

Today is the day........
I'm joining the ranks of techies staying in contact with the world via a blog.
I plan on checking in and telling you about my favorite houses I tour during the week, giving you news about real estate etc. I will probably throw in a few things about the other things dear to my heart cooking, gardening, really anything having to do with home!
Here's a little tip on using mirrors.....
Mirrors can solve many design dilemmas. Brighten a dark room by positioning a mirror to reflect light from a window or a lamp. Mirrors also make small rooms appear larger, and windowless rooms appear airier. You can also place a mirror so that if you’re seated with your back to the view, it can still be enjoyed via the reflection. One of my favorite things for a coffee table is to lay a mirror down and add lots of candles on top the reflection of them lit is magical.